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Young Political Hopefuls Graduate from Programme

Author: Maram Kayed

Source: The Jordan Times

Date: 2018-10-23

AMMAN —Young members of various political parties on Tuesday celebrated their graduation from two youth-enabling programmes directed at assisting them in their future political life.

The programme was held by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftungl Foundation, in partnership with the Quds Centre for Political Studies and the Jordanian Centre for Civic Education.

Celebrating the 59 graduates of both programmes, MP Ibrahim Bdour, said in his speech, “I am happy that I’m seeing members of different parties here, talking and negotiating. I can positively say that a few years ago this would have been a rare sight”. 

The two programmes’ objectives were “to train the youth to tackle political issues in a diplomatic manner, as well as build a bridge between political party members and civic societies, in hope the latter will maximise social collaboration”, as Konrad’s Jordan representative, Annette Ranko told The Jordan Times.

Ranko called the programme “a success”, based on the feedback by the students and programme partners.

The effect of the programme goes beyond the training itself, Oraib Rantawi, director of the Quds Political Centre noted, saying, “when a political party leader occupies the chair for more than 50 years, political growth is a far-fetched dream. We need to empower the youth if we ever want to see change”.

He added, “political parties all work individually, and thus their effect is rather non-noticeable. But in unity, there is strength”.

MP Qais Ziadeen reiterated this point by saying, “giving the youth the chance to draft new political plans and agendas will undoubtedly bring on change, in contrast to the stagnant state we are in now”.

Participants of the programme voiced their optimism towards “a better, more youth-centred Jordan”, as participant Abd Mahdi Awaileh put it.

“We are the change that Jordan has been waiting for,” said Sameeha Shehadeh, another participant.