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AQC Workshop Calls for Enhancing Women’s Role in Municipal Councils


Local community activists in the Zarqa Governorate called for advancing municipal councils and supporting women's engagement and participation in local governance.
At a workshop organised by Al Quds Centre for Political Studies (AQC) in cooperation with the Zarqa Cultural Forum, participants discussed challenges facing municipal councils, particularly councilwomen.

Hussein Abu Rumman, head of AQC studies, presented results of an opinion poll on the performance of municipal councils.

According to the poll, conducted between 2 and 12 may 2016 in all the govern rates, 71.1 percent of the national sample of 1008 people surveyed thoughts that quality of services provided by municipal councils has dropped.

Nearly 78 percent believed that the allocation of seats for women in municipal councils has enhanced women's public participation.
Around 65 percent agreed that custom and traditions limit public communication and affect the performance of councilwomen.
At the workshop, Zarqa mayor, engineer Emad Momani, and Zarqa municipal councilwoman Hayat Zawahrah, emphasised the importance of women's role in improving local governance, and urged civil society organisations to support and skill women.